PCTC Specialty Results - April 18, 2008

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Judge: Mrs. Sandra Murray
Puppy Dog, 6-9 months  (2 competing)
    1.    Aftonshire Jethro   Owner:  William J. Kent
    2.    Quailhollow Ralpg of Physic Hill   Owner:   Laura Dooley & Gary Dooley
Puppy Dog, 9-12 months   (1 competing)
    1.    Mugdoch's Chivalrous Charlie Brown   Owner:   James & Ruth Graham
Junior Dog, 12-18 months   (5 competing)
    1.    Aftonshire's Roy   Owner:   William J. Kent
    2.    Stonehaven Casting Crowns   Owner:   Robin Balcerak
    3.     Brehannon's Codbank Inferno   Owner:   Kenneth Kauffman & Wendy Eckard
    4.    Moorgreen's Sword Dancer   Owner:   DiAnn Flory
Puppy Bitches, 6-9 months   (5 competing)
    1.    Whetstone Minnie Me   Owner:   Barbara Dzbinski & Beth Hendrick
    2.    Gremlins Charmed   Owner:   Jacqueline Sowards & John Cleland & Lois Cleland
    3.    Caitlin's Tybee Girl O'Cairnhaven   Owner:   Colleen Finch & David & Marty Levy
    4.    Quailhollow Winged Talisman   Owner:   Joyce S. Britt & Robin B. Ford
Puppy Bitches, 9-12 months   (3 competing)
    1.    Brehannon's Codbank Promise Kept   Owner:   Kenneth Kauffman & Wendy Eckard
    2.    Mugdoch's Midnight Classy Lassy   Owner:   James & Ruth Graham
    3.    Counterpoint Pennyberry of Wolfpit   Owner:   Dr. Mary Goss & Lydia Hutchinson       
Junior Bitches, 12-18 months   (11 competing)
    1.    Whetstone Witch Hazel II   Owner:   Nancy Smith & Beth Wilder Wilson
    2    ME's Swirling Kilts Boadicea   Owner:   Mary Ellen Barnes & Mary Ann Robertson
    3.    Angus' Flora Jean   Owner:   Drew & Ann Angus
    4.    Dornoch Notable at Quailhollow   Owner:   Joyce S. Britt
Best Puppy in Sweepstakes:    Brehannon's Codbank Promise Kept
Best Junior in Sweepstakes:    Whetstone Witch Hazel II
Best in Sweepstakes:              Whetstone Witch Hazel II
Judge: Mrs Michele Billings
Puppy Dogs, 6-9 months   (2 competing)
    1    Aftonshire's Jethro   Breeder/Owner:   William J. Kent
    2    Quailhollow Ralph of Physic Hill   Breeder:   Joyce Britt & Robin Ford
                                                           Owner:     Laura Dooley & Gary Dooley
Puppy Dogs, 9-12 months   (2 competing)
    1.    Hampton Court's Fergus   Breeder/Owner:   Victor Malzoni,Jr.   
    2.    Mugdoch's Chivalrous Charlie Brown   Breeder:   James & Ruth Graham & Lydia Hutchinson
                                                                  Owner:   James & Ruth Graham
Junior Dogs, 12-18 months   (3 competing)
    1.    Kyleakin Dusky Grouse   Breeder/Owners:   Letisha & Carol Wubbel
    2.    Stonehaven Casting Crowns   Breeder:   Cathy Burleson   Owner:   Robin Balcerak
    3.    Aftonshire's Roy   Breeder/Owner:   William J. Kent
Bred By Exhibitor Dogs   (7 competing)
    1.    Gremlins Nightfalls Knickers   Breeder/Owners:   Jacqueline Sowards & Judith Irby Wickham
    2.    Brehannon's Codbank Inferno   Breeder/Owners:   Kenneth Kauffman & Wendy Eckard
    3.    ME's N Moonshadow Just the Scoop   Breeders:   Debra Lajeunesse & Mary Ellen Barnes
                                                                    Owner:   Mary Ellen Barnes
    4.    Rockleigh's Kingsley of Wolfpit   Breeder/Owners:   Beverly Feldman & Lydia Hutchinson
Open Dogs  (3 competing)
    1.    Romany's Somethingroyal   Breeder/Owner:   Alicia Smilowitz
    2.    YellowBrickRoad Nick Knack   Breeder:   Suzee Bidigain   Owner:   Louise Hooper
    3.    Redwood Journey to Cairnhowse   Breeder:   Susan F. Angelo  
                                                              Owners:   Jerry & Sharon Howse
WINNERS DOG:   Gremlins Nightfalls Knickers   (Ch Gremlins on the Rocks X  Nightfalls Cotillion)
RESERVE WINNERS DOG:   Hampton Court's Fergus   (Ch Highland Spend-A-Penny of Wolfpit X
                                                                                    Edith Piaf of Astoria Bay)
Puppy Bitches, 6-9 months   (5 competing)
    1.    Whetstone Minnie Me   Breeders:   Beth Hendrick & Beth Wilder Wilson
                                              Owners:   Barbara Dzbinski & Beth Hendrick
    2.    Gremlin's Charmed   Breeder/Owners:   Jacqueline Sowards & John & Lois Cleland
    3.    Quailhollow Winged Talisman   Breeder/Owners:   Joyce Britt & Robin Ford
    4.    Hjohoo's Hjour Lovin' Life   Breeder:   Elisabeth Theodorssen
                                                 Owners:   Karl & Helene Stearns
Puppy Bitches, 9-12 months   (5 competing)
    1.    Brehannon's Codbank Promise Kept   Breeder/Ownre:   Kenneth Kauffman & Wendy Eckard
    2.    Mugdoch's Midnight Classy Lassy   Breeders:   James & Ruth Graham & Lydia Hutchinson
                                                                Owners:   James & Ruth Graham
    3.    Counterpoint Pennyberry of Wolfpit   Breeder:   Lydia Hutchinson   Owner:   Dr. Mary Goss
    4.    Caledonian Roberta of Wolfpit   Breeder/Owner:   Lydia Hutchinson
Junior Bitches, 12-18 months   (8 competing)
    1.    Whetstone Witch Hazel II   Breeders:   Beth Wilder Wilson & Molly Wilder
                                                   Owners:   Nancy Smith & Beth Wilder Wilson
    2.    Dogwood Brehannon Born to Shop   Breeders:   Pam Davis & Greg Davis
                                                                Owners:   Pam Davis & Kenneth Kauffman
    3.    Dornoch Notable at Quailhollow   Breeders:  Arlene & Ray Dorn  Owner:  Joyce S. Britt
    4.    Counterpoint Curtain Call   Breeder/Owner:   Mary Wright Goss
Bred By Exhibitor Bitches   (9 competing)
    1.    Maverston California Dreamin'   Breeder/Owner:   Marly Lucier
    2.    Dornogh Tenacious Tegwen   Breeders: Arlene & Ray Dorn  Owner:   Arlene Dorn
    3.    Moonshadow's Carmella Swirl   Breeders:   Debra Lejeunesse & Mary-Ellen Barnes
                                                         Owner:   Debra Lejeunesse
    4.    Tintip All That Glitters   Breeder/Owner:   Patricia W. Dameron
American-Bred Bitches  (1 competing)
    1.    Caledonian Popover of Wolfpit   Breeder:   Lydia Hutchinson
                                                         Owners:   James & Ruth Graham & Lydia Hutchinson
Open Bitches   (11 competing)
    1.    Calalta's Hide and Go Seek   Breeders:   Laurie Nicholson & Corine Welsch
                                                      Owner:   Louise Hooper
    2.    Aftonshire's Gloria   Breeder/Owner:   William J. Kent
    3.    Stonebridge Midsummer Daydream   Breeder/Owner:   Dayle Ziesmer
    4.    Cyntu California Dreaming   Breeders:    David & Sheryl Vogt
                                                    Owners:   Patricia M. Joyce & Davil & Sheryl Vogt
WINNERS BITCH:   Calalta's Hide and Go Seek   (Ch Glenmore Mr. Sandman X Faith Vom Auetal)
RESERVE WINNERS BITCH:   Maverston California Dreamin'   (Ch Cobblestone Consigliore Di Capo X
                                                                                            Ch Maverston Mama Cass)
Veteran Dog, 7 years and over
    1.    Ch Cairnhoe Highlander of Wolfpit  Breeder/Owners:   D.L.Blackwood & Lydia C. Hutchinson
    2.    Ch Cairnluv Here's Lookin at ME's   Breeder:   Geraldine Sedora   Owner:   Mary-Ellen Barnes
Veteran Bitch, 7 years and over
    1.    Ch Misty Meadow Victoria Secret   Breeders:   Marcella Cobb & Ed & Judy Cook
                                                               Owners:   Karl M & Helene Stearns
BEST OF BREED   Ch Dogwood Love Affair  (Ch. Kyleakin Scotsman Invasion X  Ch. Dogwood Love in a Mist)  Breeders: Pam & Greg Davis   Owner: Pam Davis
BEST OF WINNERS:   Gremlins Nightfalls Knickers 
BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX   Ch. Kyleakin Dees Darling   (Ch Kyleakin Scotsman Invasion X
                                                                                    Dees Little Miss Sunshine)
        Ch Kalil Cool Casey From Bull Run   (Ch Ohioville Mohonk X Ch. Lillian of the Valley) 
                                                                Breeder: Jill Wertheim    Owner: Dr. Ilene M. Kaplan
        Ch Cairnhoe Highlander of Wolfpit   ( Ch Robinson Crusoe Quite Macho X  Ch Cairnhoe Celtic
                                                              Charm of Wolfpit)   Breeder/Owners: D L Blackwood &
                                                                Lydia C. Hutchinson
        Ch Havenshire Crossroads Destiny   (Lord Bailey X Havenshire's Ebbtide) 
                                                               Breeder: MaryBeth Havens   Owner: Mary Jane Lakota &
                                                                Deborah Lyons
        Ch Caledonian Taylorberry of Wolfpit   (Ch Caledonian Winterberry of Wolfpit X Ch Cairnhoe
                                                                Alliance With Wolfpit)   Breeder:  Lydia Hutchinson
                                                                Owner: Dr. Mary Wright Goss
        Ch Paragon Fish'N      (Ch McErin Jack Daniels X Ch Paragon Miss Liberty)   
                                          Breeder: Mary Fedders   Owner:  Elleanor Buesing

PCTC Specialty 2008 - Sweepstakes Judge Critique

Judge Sandra Murray's Critique

What a pleasure it was to have so many promising youngsters to evaluate at your Sweepstakes! The overall quality was quite good. I was especially pleased to feel so many prominent prosternums with the accompanying full forechests on all but two of the youngsters. Mouths, also, showed good-sized teeth and most had full dentition and scissors bites. Although some of the entries had eyes a bit too round -- a real problem in our breed here in the U.S. and abroad -- all were of a good dark color. The majority of puppies had lovely, hard coats and were well presented. The one unrelenting fault that kept appearing over and over again in the majority of the puppies was their scapula placed too widely apart with a lack of correct angulation. This double whammy made for a variety of faulty front movements. I saw fronts that were simply too wide resulting in equally wide front movement. There were fronts that winged, weaved, and paddled. Those puppies that exhibited sound, free movement from all angles received the top awards. What follows is a breakdown of the placements in each class.

6 - 9 Months, Puppy Dogs:
First place went to AFTONSHIRE'S JETHRO, a red youngster with a pleasing silhouette and good reach and drive when gaiting. His head would benefit from more fill in the muzzle. The second place puppy, QUAIL HOLLOW RALPH OF PHYSIC HILL, had a good, hard cream wheaten coat, but this puppy lacked the self-confidence of the first place entry. He, too, could do with more fill under the eyes to broaden his muzzle.

9 - 12 Months, Puppy Dog:
The single entry, MUGDOCH'S CHIVALROUS CHARLIE BROWN, boasted a good, hard coat, but his head was lacking in stop. He could have benefited from more drive from the rear quarters. His scapula were set a bit wide.

12 - 18 Months Puppy Dogs:
Another nice AFTONSHIRE youngster, ROY, won this class because of his pleasing head and silhouette, sound and efficient movement, and correct textured coat. He also has a correctly constructed front assembly. The second place youngster, STONEHAVEN CASTING CROWNS, also had a lovely silhouette, an acceptable coat, and moved soundly and well with scapula set on well. Unfortunately, his eyes were a bit too round and too closely set. Third place went to BREHANNON'S CODBANK INFERNO had a lovely head and moved soundly and well with a great ring attitude. I would personally like to have seen more neck and leg to improve his balance and proportion. The fourth place dog had more size and substance than I care to see in a young dog and he could have benefited from a more classic head. However, this dog moved well.

6 - 9 Months Puppy Bitches:
This was the first of some really lovely puppy bitch classes! These little girls had pleasing silhouettes and great personalities. WHETSTONE MINNIE ME was a delightful black brindle puppy that was hard pressed by the second place, GREMLIN'S CHARMED. Both bitches had lovely heads and moved soundly with good front assemblies. MINNIE ME excelled in coat texture, and this puppy simply sparkled in the ring with her ebullient, 'all Cairn' personality. The third place puppy, CAITLIN'S TYBEE GIRL O'CAIRNHAVEN had a good head and pleasing silhouette. However, she lacked the coat texture of the first two bitches and threw her front legs out a bit when moving. In fourth place was QUAIL HOLLOW WINGED TALISMAN, a puppy with a pleasing silhouette and coat texture, but her taller hocks somewhat impeded her rear movement.

9 - 12 Months Puppy Bitches:
BREHANNON'S CODBANK PROMISE KEPT earned the first place slot for her lovely head, hard coat, and good, sound movement. Her tail set was a bit low, but her other attributes earned her the blue ribbon. The second place puppy, MUGDOCH'S MIDNIGHT CLASSY LASSY, had a pleasing silhouette and a gorgeous hard coat, but could have used more fill under the eyes to achieve a broader muzzle. I loved the balance and proportions of the third place bitch, COUNTERPOINT PENNYBERRY OF WOLFPIT, who provided a very pleasing silhouette. Her coat was not quite up to her competition, and she could have used more fill under her eyes to give her muzzle the needed width. She also lacked a prominent prosternum and forechest.

12 - 18 Months Puppy Bitches:
What a lovely class of bitches this was! First place went to WHETSTONE WITCH HAZEL II who excelled in head, coat, and silhouette. Her correctly conformed front and rear assemblies gave her excellent reach and drive, plus she maintained a steady, level back while gaiting. Her ring presence was an added plus. The second place bitch, ME'S N SWIRLING KILTS BOADACEA, also boasts a correct head, front assembly, and coat. She gaited soundly, but was out-moved by the first place bitch. ANGUS' FLORA JEAN pleased the eye with her correct balance and proportions, but she could have benefited from more rear angulation. Fourth place, DORNACH NOTABLE AT QUAILHOLLOW, excelled in coat but couldn't quite match the first three bitches in head, silhouette and movement.

Best Puppy in Sweepstakes:
Due to some puppy unruliness by her competition in the ring, BREHANNON'S CODBANK PROMISE KEPT, earned the Best Puppy award because of her steady showmanship, happy demeanor, coat texture, and sound movement.

Best Junior and Best in Sweepstakes:
WHETSTONE WITCH HAZEL II simply 'stole the show'. Her very correct front assembly, complete with prominent prosternum and forechest, her sound movement, her lovely head and hard coat, plus her sparkling ring presence propelled her to this win. I would love to have taken her home with me, but I doubt that her owners would part with her. I certainly wouldn't if she were mine!

Thank you to everyone who entered their puppy in the Sweepstakes and to all of the PCTC members who made my judging assignment such a delightful experience.

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