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PCTC Online Field Trial Entry Form for June 15, 2024

This form is for registering dogs for PCTC Field Trials and paying via PayPal.

NOVICE A: Puppies 6-12 monthsKINDERRUN: Puppies at least 3 but less than 6 months old day of trial
NOVICE B: Dogs 12 months and overPUPPY RACE: At least 6 but less than 12 months day of trial
OPEN: Dogs that have scored 100% in a prior Novice ClassADULT: 12 months & over
SPECIAL: Dogs that have earned a PCTC Working Championship or AWTA CertificateVETERAN: Dogs 7 years and older

CHAMPION: Dogs that have earned a PCTC Sporting Championship

Specific Class type MUST be listed: Novice A, etc.

*** Proof of current rabies vaccination (certificate) required day of trial ***

Entry Fees:
Flat or Hurdle Race Only or Go-To-Ground Only: $4.00
All three events, same dog: $10.00
KinderRun: $2.00
Credit Card Processing Fee: 3% + $0.31

NOTE: There will be an additional 3% + 0.31 credit card processing fee included in your total.

 Dog's Registered Name
Call Name
Date of Birth
or Age
GenderBreedGo-to-Ground ClassRace Type(s)Race ClassFee
1 M   F
2 M   F
3 M   F
4 M   F
5 M   F
6 M   F
7 M   F
8 M   F
9 M   F
10 M   F
Processing Fee:

Owner First Name:
Owner Last Name:
Owner Address:
Phone Number:E-mail:

I certify that I am the actual owner of this dog(s), or that I am the duly authorized agent of the actual owner whose name I have entered on this form. In consideration of acceptance of this entry, I agree to abide by all rules and regulations governing this event and any decisions made in accordance with them; further, I agree that the dog(s) entered in and will be at the event at MY OWN RISK and that I will hold the Potomac Cairn Terrier Club, Inc., it's members and officers, and the owners of the property where this event is held, free from liability for any claims arising out of the dog(s) or it's (their) presence at this event.

I wish to volunteer for the following job(s). Check all that apply:
Catch dogs Set up Take Down Go-To-Ground Steward Other:
Work Starting Box Bait Dogs Announce Races Run Neck Scrunchies


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