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The Objectives of the Potomac Cairn Terrier Club are to:

  • Perfect the Cairn Terrier by promoting discriminate breeding
  • Preserve the working qualities of the Cairn Terrier while urging adherence to the standard
  • Hold matches and shows under American Kennel Club rules and to support other shows
  • Encourage sportsmanlike exhibition of Cairn Terriers
  • Broaden the members' knowledge of Cairn Terriers and the sport by presenting education programs
  • Be of service to members, fanciers, humane societies, and the general public, so far as Cairn Terriers are concerned
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Before you buy a puppy, be sure to read these helpful Cairn-Related Articles.

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Membership Information

The PCTC is a group of Cairn enthusiasts who get together periodically for various events. Members vary from those who like to breed and show, to those who just want to socialize and have fun with their Cairn.

To learn more about becoming a PCTC member, see the Membership Information page.

Please see the Bylaws in the PCTC Constitution that describe Club Membership.

To request a membership packet, contact:

Veronica Hudak-Moe
Officers 2018

Ann-Louise Gates

Lois Cleland

Peggy Slattery

Ken Moe

Board of Directors 2018

Looking for a puppy? See our Breeder Referral section above.

William J. Kent

John Kornylo

Linda Reiff

E-mail all Officers & Board Members at board@potomacctc.org

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