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July 2018

Dear PCTC Friends,
Our annual spring field trials, scheduled for June 2, were cancelled due to soaking, bad rains and a lack of entries.  I am really looking forward to the fall field trials on Sunday, November 4.  Please enter early so our hosts, Veronica and Ken Moe, are not left wondering if there will be an event.  We must have a certain number of entries to hold the field trials, and it is a huge commitment of time and effort for the organizers and hosts.
The rains did not affect our June 6 health clinic, which went off without a hitch.  Organizer Beth Wilder Wilson and Dr. Cynthia Sloan saw about 15 dogs for kidney ultrasounds and bile acid analyses.  Special thanks also to Dr. Schutt, who loaned us his offices.
On June 16, club members, led by John and Lois Cleland, gathered at the Mid-Maryland Celtic Festival in Mt. Airy, Maryland.  We had the opportunity to speak to thousands of people about the best little pal in the world.  We passed out general information on the breed, field trials, and the best ways to find a Cairn Terrier.  See the article in this newsletter for more information on outreach.
I am looking forward to the swap meet, pool party, and picnic to be held at Lydia and Dwight Hutchinson’s home on July 21.  I am bringing some things I just don’t have room for, and I am hoping that you will take them home with you.
September is a busy month for the PCTC. On September 1 and 2, Lois Cleland and Veronica Hudak-Moe will set up a booth at the Virginia Highland Games in Great Meadows, Virginia.  We will participate in demonstration races and reach out to thousands of people new to Cairns.  Please contact Lois Cleland or Veronica Hudak-Moe to volunteer.
Our fun match is the following week, Saturday, September 8, at the home of George and Kelli Winkler.  On Saturday, September 29, at Historic Long Branch Farm, the PCTC supports the entry at the Warrenton Kennel Club Show.  This is part of a 5-day cluster.  The judge is Mrs. Alice M. Watkins.  These are lovely shows in a beautiful part of Virginia.  I look forward every year to a leisurely drive to the shows and a lunch at the Hunter’s Head in Upperville afterward.  Please enter to support this show and consider staying for the board meeting that will follow.
Remember, please see the Calendar at potomacctc.org for more information.
Ann Gates
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