Treasurer's Notes

Annual dues are $20.00 for an individual membership, and $30.00 for a joint membership. They are payable January 1st. Dues MUST be paid no later than February 1st to be included in the updated membership list. Please send your dues payment to:

PCTC c/o Ken Moe
4600 Chimneys West Dr.
Haymarket VA 20169
In the past, members have expressed an interest in making a donation to specific funds within PCTC. If you would like to add an additional donation to one or more of the following club funds, please indicate the amount and fund on the following form when you send in your dues payment. If you do not wish to renew, please let me know so that you will not receive a second notice.

To pay your dues, see the Annual Dues Form. To pay online, log into the PCTC Members Area.

Secretary's Notes

PCTC has chosen the following judges for upcoming Specialties:

  • Specialty 2018
    • Sweepstakes: Michelle Hostler
    • Regular classes: Geir Flyckt Pedersen
  • Specialty 2019
    • Sweepstakes: Liz Ludlow
    • Regular classes: Joe Vernuccio
Board Briefs - September 08, 2018

The Board met after the PCTC Fun Match.
Below is a brief overview of topics discussed:
  1. Vice-President Lois Cleland reported the update on forthcoming events. She has contacted the Catoctin Kennel Club and has firmed up the K-9 Good Citizen Test which is scheduled for October 20th. Charmaine Fedick, PCTC Performance Chairperson, will be the adjudicator. John Cleland was selected as liaison between PCTC and the Catoctin Kennel Club for scheduling future events. Field Trials will be held on November 3rd at Veronica and Ken Moe’s home. Future events are being firmed up and will be posted in Thistle Talk, and on the PCTC Website’s Calendar of Events.
  2. The February Fun Match will be held at St. Alban’s Community Center. Sas Argentine will be our Fun Match judge. Kristina Kinney will be invited to give a presentation, with a demonstration, on working your dogs for Scent work.
  3. Ken Moe, Treasurer, was unable to attend. Please contact him at with any financial questions concerning PCTC.
  4. The Judges Balloting Committee has been set: Diane Ondo, John Kornylo, and Linda Reiff have agreed to serve. The Board expressed gratitude for their participation. PCTC members are asked to send judges suggestions to them with a brief description for their choices for the 2021 PCTC Specialty.
  5. The PCTC Nominating Committee for the 2019 Board of Officers and Directors has been set: Lydia Hutchinson, Lynda Hammill, and Ann Gates agreed to serve. The Board expressed gratitude for their service. 
  6. The guidelines and regulations for PCTC Field Trails were discussed. The Board agreed that changes to the guidelines were not necessary at this time. Veronica and Ken Moe stated that no problems have been presented which would deem changes necessary.
  7. Peggy Slattery informed the Board of the change in the hotel for the 2019 PCTC Specialty. Due to poor service at the Sheraton Baltimore North Hotel it was deemed necessary to explore other options. Therefore, Peggy stated that after conferring with the Board and the Show Chairperson, Beth Wilder-Wilson, for their approval, the Specialty hotel would be The Residence Inn, Hunt Valley, MD. The contract has been signed. Further information will be forthcoming.
  8. Beth Wilder-Wilson informed the Board of the success of the Health Seminar which was held on August 26th. A PowerPoint presentation will be available on the Website.
Board Briefs - July 21, 2018

The Board met after the PCTC Picnic in Middletown, MD.

Below is a brief overview of topics discussed:

  1. President Ann Gates informed the Board that everything has been finalized with the Warrenton Kennel Club for PCTC's supported entry on Saturday, September 29th. An area was been arranged for PCTC to have a picnic after the judging. The Board is hoping for good participation!
  2. Vice-President Lois Cleland is firming forthcoming events. She is in contact with the Catoctin Kennel Club regarding setting up the K-9 Good Citizen Test which she hopes to schedule for October 20th. Future events will be posted on the website and in Thistle Talk.
  3. Treasurer Ken Moe presented his research into obtaining liability insurance for Directors and Board members. He stated his preference and the Board concurred with his recommendation. A motion was presented and passed to secure this insurance ASAP.
  4. Beth Wilder Wilson reported that the PCTC 2018 April Specialty was very successful. The Auction was well attended and netted a sizable amount for the Club. Beth stated that she was most appreciative of all the dedicated volunteers who worked with her to make this year so successful. One area that was most disappointing was the Specialty dinner at the Sheraton Hotel. Peggy Slattery, PCTC Hotel Liaison, stated that due to a change in management, the banquet area was overbooked with our dinner being neglected by the Waite staff. Peggy stated she would not pursue a contract with the Sheraton for 2019. Peggy and Beth will see what other hotel options might be available for our 2019 Specialty.
  5. The Board was notified of the resignation of PCTC's Match Chairperson, Beth Wilder-Wilson. Also notification was given to Ann of the resignation of PCTC's Field Trials Chairperson, Veronica Hudak-Moe. The Board acknowledged heartfelt gratitude for their dedication and service to PCTC.
  6. Three new members who have fulfilled the membership requirements were voted into PCTC at the swap meeting: Connie Burnley, Caroline Johnson, and Debra Burgess. Welcome!
  7. Note to the Membership: If you would like more financial information, please contact Ken Moe, PCTC Treasurer, at