Questions Buyers Should Ask of Breeders

  1. How long has the breeder been working with the breed?
  2. What dog clubs does the breeder belong to?
  3. Does the breeder show his/her dogs? Where?
  4. What does the breeder hope to achieve in the breeding program?
  5. What tests or health scans have been used to evaluate the sire and dam?
  6. Are your dogs and puppies raised in the house or kennels?
  7. How are the dogs and puppies introduced to everyday sights, sounds, people and animals? In other words, how are they socialized?
  8. Will the breeder be available after the sale to instruct with grooming, training and other aspects of ownership?

Questions Breeders Should Ask of Buyers

  1. Why do you want a dog or puppy?
  2. Why do you want a Cairn?
  3. Who will be primarily responsible for the dog's care?
  4. Have you owned a dog before?
  5. How will you exercise the dog?
  6. Are their children in the household? What are their ages?
  7. Does anyone have allergies?
  8. Does you living situation permit a dog?
  9. How often is someone home to care for the dog?
  10. Will that person have time to care for the dog?
  11. Does the buyer have a veterinarian or know of one?
  12. How does the buyer feel about training classes for the dog?