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From The President's Desk

May 2019

First of all, on behalf of the club, I want to thank Beth Wilder Wilson, our Specialty Show Chair, and every dedicated, hard-working club member who volunteered her—or his—time to give us such a wonderful event. They do all of the work and deserve all the recognition.

We kicked off the show season with another successful Specialty. We presented a lovely entry for Liz Ludlow, our Sweepstakes judge, and for Joe Vernuccio, who judged our regular classes. From what I saw, the winners certainly earned their trophies; it was another strong group of Cairns.

Every year our Specialty is a celebration of our Cairns and our breeding programs. We have world-class dogs because we have world-class breeders. And we draw other world-class dogs and breeders every year! We can keep the celebration going next year by challenging ourselves to build 5-Point Majors throughout the Cherry Blossom Weekend.

Planning for the next Specialty starts just a few weeks after the current one ends. Karen Wilson, who is our show chair for the 2020 Specialty, already has some ideas flying around in her head, I'm sure. Like Beth, Karen will need all the help she can get. Nearly all of the committees need more people. Some of the stalwarts have been doing their jobs for 6, 8, even 10 years and, frankly, they could use a break or at least more hands to carry some of the load. Some of these committees have continuing functions along with what they do for the Specialty. Whether it's for the Specialty or the club in general, help is always needed and appreciated.

So, if you get a call or an email from any of the officers or committee chairs asking for your help, please say yes. In fact, don't wait for us to contact you, give us a call or drop us an email letting us know what you want to volunteer to do. If you don't know what's needed, call me. If I don't have the answer, I'll point you to the right person.

On another note, I want to thank everyone for your concern and kind wishes regarding my fall on April 29. I did a good number on myself but, thankfully, will recover without surgery. When you next see me, on June 1 for our Fun Day/Picnic, I’ll be wearing a knee brace and walking with a cane. But, I’ll be up and mobile and happy to be surrounded by our impish Cairns and the people who love them.

In Fellowship,
Lois Cleland
New Members

May 2019 - Michael & Melissa Schuler of Glen Allen, VA have applied for membership. They have two Cairns and they attended the Fun Match and the Specialty. They are sponsored by Lydia Hutchinson and John & Barbara Kornylo.