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September 2018

Dear PCTC Friends,
Summer held on through Labor Day, but I can tell the weather is changing. For one thing, my kitchen is filling up with wet leaves and wet dogs.
The PCTC had a busy end to the summer.  August 27 was a great seminar on dog neonatal issues and first aid (see the article in this newsletter).  Over Labor Day, club members and friends, led by Veronica Hudak-Moe and Lois Cleland, introduced hundreds of people to the Cairn Terrier at the Virginia Scottish Games in The Plains, Virginia.  This is the Rescue and Outreach Committee’s second big event of the year.  We, again, passed out information on the breed, field trials, and the best ways to find a Cairn Terrier.  We also helped stage hundreds of races for eager visitors. Then, on September 8, we gathered at Kelli and George Winkler’s beautiful home for our fall fun match.  We are grateful to our judge, Bill Kent, who drove down from Pennsylvania.  We had the pleasure of numerous visitors at this event.
I am really looking forward to two wonderful autumn events.  The PCTC supports the entry at the Warrenton K.C. show on Saturday, September 29 in Millwood, Virginia—a beautiful drive through Virginia’s hunt country.  Veronica and Ken Moe will host the fall field trials on Saturday, November 3.  In order to hold the field trials, we must have a certain number of entries, and it is a huge commitment of time and effort.  Please enter early so our hosts are not left wondering if there will be an event.  This is a wonderful day out for both dogs and people.
In February, while she was attending the Westminster K.C. show, Lydia Hutchinson was interviewed for Pure Dog Talk at https://puredogtalk.com/?s=lydia+hutchinson.  This blog has other fascinating articles, as well, including one on Damara Bolte and the African Basenji Project.  I recommend you take a look.
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Ann Gates
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